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Whether a contractor or project owner, with Infrakit you will implement your infra projects for less costs and errors.

What is Infrakit?

Infrakit is a practical solution on how to best utilize BIM in road and rail projects. Our construction collaboration cloud is the missing link between design, implementation and monitoring phases. 

With Infrakit there is an easy and real-time flow of relevant information for all project personnel. It is not common practice yet, but it will be. Take your business to the 2020’s and get a competitive edge with Infrakit.

Infrakit is one of the winners of the International Quality Innovation 2015 competition!

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Some of Our Clients

With Infrakit project quality assurance is visualized on a map in real time, which benefits both contractors and projects owners. As quality assurance processes speed up, the project owner is more in touch with the project phases and its quality control. It is a very good thing this kind of service is now available.
Joona Peltoniemi, Project Manager, North Savo ELY Centre
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