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Tools for model-based construction.

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The independent Infrakit platform enables you to integrate the best tools for each project phase. Infrakit is an open platform, which means all CAD systems, surveying equipment and machine control systems can be connected.

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Case stories

How we have helped our customers.

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Cloud for infra projects

“Infrakit functions well in supporting planning and
construction, improving transparency, quality and interaction
in these phases. The benefits of Infrakit are emphasized
the more it is taken as a part of the lifecycle of the project.”

 – Olli Planting, Head Designer & BIM Coordinator
in the Sienikuja street project (Destia Oy)


Infrakit Cloud allows you to easily monitor and manage your entire site. With Infrakit, project progress information is available from the field in real-time. This innovative approach results into faster project completion while improving quality with less errors – all culminating in vast cost savings.

You know what is happening on your worksite in real-time

Projects are completed with better quality within schedule

Intelligent project data for your use now and for the future – on all devices

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