Always share and view up-to-date infra project progress data
on all PC and mobile devices


Infrakit Cloud allows you to easily monitor and manage your entire site. With Infrakit, project progress information is available from the field in real-time. This innovative approach results into faster project completion while improving quality with less errors – all culminating in vast cost savings.


You know what is happening on your worksite in real-time


Projects are completed with better quality within schedule


Intelligent project data for your use now and for the future - on all devices


The independent Infrakit platform enables you to integrate the best tools for each project phase. Infrakit is an open platform, which means all CAD systems, surveying equipment and machine control systems can be connected.

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Still need to know HOW you can do it with Infrakit?

1. Upload 3D designs into Infrakit


2. Share project data on Infrakit OFFICE™


3. Integrate all work machinery with LINK™


4. Take project data with you on Infrakit


5. Manage constantly updating models


6. Store documentation to be used later


By connecting work machinery, equipment and people, Infrakit digitalizes worksites, makes infra-construction processes transparent in real-time and shows project progress on a map view - anywhere you are.

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No matter if you’re the project survey manager, project leader, design engineer, quality manager or project owner, with Infrakit you can manage all project data in your office and then take all data with you to field visits.

And if you’re doing surveying or you need to track materials, then our Apps are made for you! Read more about the Apps here.

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”Before Infrakit, system information management was difficult – we were practically expecting an error to occur when transferring data with a USB drive one machine at a time.” Tero Maijala, Land Surveying Specialist, Destia Oy   Increasing transit capacity on Helsinki Airport is one of the main objectives of the airport’s 2020 development program, which aims […]

Sienikuja Street Project in Oulu, Planner’s perspective

“Infrakit functions well in supporting planning and construction, improving transparency, quality and interaction in these phases. The benefits of Infrakit are emphasized the more it is taken as a part of the lifecycle of the project.”
 Olli Planting, Head Designer and BIM Coordinator in the Sienikuja street project (Destia Oy)

Estonian Road Administration’s pilot project T22 Torma- Levala Overlay

”I would sincerely recommend Infrakit for construction companies and even for the clients side, because it makes all your project documentation available on-site”, says Anti Palmi from Estonian Roan Administration.

Klaukkala bypass

“Without Infrakit, quality designation should not only be delayed, it would also do more work: quality reports and their storage in a project bank. Now there is no need for it, but all quality measurements and as-built measurements are displayed in real time when the points are taken”, says Project Manager Sami Laakso from Kreate.

Infrakit part of the Tampere Tram project

”Infrakit is a pioneer on this field. In the future, all construction work and related design work will be based on open data and cloud services. Paper images will no longer be used. At the moment Infrakit is the only tool this versatile on the market. So yes, I definitely recommend using Infrakit. And so do everyone else, as we can see from all the big infra construction projects in Finland” says Head of Surveying Teppo Viinikka from NCR.

Case: E18 Hamina-Vaalimaa project was completed ahead of time

“Infrakit was very useful for the project. It especially improved the flow of information. I would also recommend it for future use,” Joni Rissanen from YIT concludes.

Ydalir Infrakit
Ydalir - City of the Future in Elverum

”We would recommend infrakit as a part of the solution, when going in to these kinds of project. As you get a good platform to exchange data with machine control, and a platform to visualize where you have gotten the quality reports”, says Knut Erik Neset.

“The pros of Infrakit become clear when it is used throughout the span of the project starting from planning all the way to execution. I believe Infrakit could be used to aid maintenance as well, and its benefits at that stage of projects could be investigated further’, Olli Planting concludes.

Arnkvern-Moeln road construction project in Norway

“The company Infrakit has listened to our needs are and tried to fulfill them. Infrakit has become an important aid in our working day”, says Jan Steinar Stein, the Surveying leader from Veidekke ASA

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We know every infra project is unique and different from the next one. Contact us so we can look together at different options to find the right way for your project to benefit from the latest technologies.