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Read about the infrastructure industry, our new projects and Infrakit version updates.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Sydney


Photo by Laura Cros

Espoo 14th August 2019

Infrakit Group Oy opens a new office in Sydney. In addition to existing offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and France, we are opening an office in Sydney, Australia.

The office address is 14 Narabang Way, Belrose NSW 2085, Australia. Jan-Erik Björni has been appointed General Manager for Australia. He worked before at Infrakit as a Key Account Manager in Helsinki office.

Infrakit is a cloud service for infra-project management and it offers a solution in handling large amounts of data between different parties, contractors, subcontractors and owner, enabling everyone to have the latest version in real time.

“Infrakit is widely used in Europe and continues to take new market shares, the opening of the office in Sydney strategically strengthens Infrakit’s presence on the Australian market”, says Jan-Erik Björni.

“It is a big step for a company to open its first office in a new country and we are optimistic about the new opportunities Infrakit can bring to the Australian market and its customers. You have to have local presence to build relationships locally. Even with today’s teleconferences and virtual meetings, it is difficult to build long lasting relationships without meeting your customers face to face”, says Managing Director Jan-Erik Björni.


Contact information:

General Manager Jan-Erik Björni, tel. +61 (0)443986386,

Vice President, Business Development Pasi Joensuu, tel. +358 44 768 4424,



DCS Finland changes name

Espoo 14th August 2019

The company will be called Infrakit Group Oy from 8th August 2019 and the old name is no longer in use. Infrakit is already known as the company’s product name and the name change reflects the company’s growth and internationalization. In addition to the Espoo headquarters, Infrakit Group has subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, the Netherlands, Serbia and France. In August, subsidiaries were also established in Germany, Infrakit Deutchland GmbH and, in Australia, Infrakit Pty Ltd.

”The company continues to grow strongly. This year we have already established four new subsidiaries. This indicates that the Infrakit cloud service is in high demand internationally. In particular, we focus on countries where technology adoption, such as machine control and GNSS, is already at a good level, ”says CEO Teemu Kivimäki.

The business ID will remain the same. The change does not require any action on the part of the customer.

For more information, please contact CEO Teemu Kivimäki,, tel. +358 50 344 6465

Meet us at Intergeo 2019!

Infrakit is going to participate again at the Intergeo trade fair that is held in Stuttgart, Germany this year. Land surveying companies will gather in the trade fair center of Stuttgart on 17th – 19th of September where they will be showcasing the newest software, methods and tools in the field. You will find us in the exhibition hall 1, stand number K1.033 You’re welcome to meet us!

You can also book a meeting with us in advance by sending e-mail to or by calling to  +31 655 73 55 00.

New Feature: Measuring distance to breaklines

We’re always listening to our customers and trying to understand their needs in order to create the best possible solution for them. It is because of this that we’re presenting a new feature for our Infrakit FIELD application.


Motivation behind this feature

Measuring distance to breaklines is important because it’s a stepping stone for us in the direction that we ultimately want to achieve and that is: Measuring distance to .dxf model.
So imagine, a surveyor walking and he always knows the distance between his current location and the model.


How to use it

To get a taste of this feature, you just need to go to the app and load a model from your files tab.

Long press the model until this dialog pops up.
Select “show model lines” option and then click whichever line you want to start measuring your distance to. You will see the line’s information and blue “select” button. Press it!

Now you can see that the selected line has turned green and in your top-right corner you can see your current distance to that line in meters. You can choose to measure distance to that line, select another one or unselect the current line.

Let us know if this feature and our ultimate goal for it is something that you’re interested or if you think we can change something or make it better in some way!


Published 10.7.2019

Brand spanking new Infrakit Knowledge Base

We’ve just published a Knowledge Base for Infrakit which covers all our solutions for infra-construction. You can read up on all the features and functionalities of Infrakit OFFICE™ and our Android and iOS apps. If you need to set up integrations to machine control systems there’s a whole section about Infrakit LINK™ and step-by-step instructions to get it done. Or maybe you just want to check out the latest release notes and additions to the FAQ.

You can also access the Knowledge Base directly in Infrakit by clicking the question mark on the bottom right corner.


Go check it out at

Images on Infrakit OFFICE™

There are several uses for images taken at the project site. You can document the existing structures and area before work on the site starts and during the project you can document all work stages. When you are using the Infrakit FIELD™ app for Android or iOS you can easily take images at the site and upload them to your project with the relevant metadata like location information included in them.

You can view the images with a file explorer that allows you to download all the images for storage elsewhere. You can also view all the images on the map and by clicking on an image you get a preview of the picture and more information about this specific picture. It’s also possible to display it fullscreen or edit the information about that picture. Infrakit also support 360 images if you have the necessary equipment to produce them.


Download Infrakit FIELD™ Lite on Apple App Store »



Download  Infrakit FIELD™ for Android devices on Google Play store »


Learn more about vehicles on Infrakit OFFICE™


Once all the necessary design files have been added to Infrakit and can be viewed on the map the next logical step is to add all the vehicles operating at the project site. Once the vehicles have been registered they are listed on the map “Vehicles” tab and a color code indicates the status of the vehicle:

· Green: An active vehicle with active and working data connections to Infrakit. All assigned models have been synced between Infrakit and the machine.
· Red: Assigned models have not been synced between machine and Infrakit. Either sync is ongoing or waiting to happen or sync has failed, and data connections are down.
· Orange: Vehicle is activated for the project with latest models synced but it’s not online
· Grey: The vehicle is set to ‘on hold’ state or the vehicle is not activated for this project.


The separate “Vehicles” page gives an overview of the different vehicles registered on the project, but also gives access to more information about them:

  • The list of all vehicles registered to the project
  • The number of online vehicles
  • The overall efficiency of the vehicles on the project
  • The total amount of working hours registered by the vehicles.
  • Additional information about the vehicle (type, station location, last contact, efficiency, connection time and driver/additional information)
  • Button to “edit” the vehicle (only available for Admins)
  • Possibility to download locally on your computer the as-built points in format CSV, GT or XML for any given time range.
  • Efficiency: graph visualization of the efficiency of each vehicle compared to all.
  • Usage statistics: view for each vehicle, per week, their daily activity with information like exact time, starting/ending station and model used.
  • Manage rights: to define which models are accessible for each vehicle
  • Accuracy: detailed information about the as-built point loaded by this vehicle and its accuracy compared to the reference models.

So by having all the vehicles and work machines connected to Infrakit you get a real-time view of their activities on the work site. We support integration of machine control systems from vendors like Trimble, Leica, Topcon and Moba.

Thank you Bauma!

Bauma attracted more than 620 000 visitors this year! It is the best results in the exhibition’s 65-year history and the number of visitors rose by about 40,000 over the total produced during the previous event in 2016. Most of the visitors come from Germany, but more than 250,000 visitors came from countries outside Germany: Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland and Great Britain and from the overseas.

The clear focal point of this year’s Bauma was sustainable and digital solutions. Digitalization is a “megatrend” in the construction machinery industry, sensors and communication interfaces that collect and analyze data have become standard equipment.

Infrakit had our own stand first time in history this year at Bauma in the hall A2. Our International Business Developer Jan van den Brandt worked at our stand the full week and says it was a great success. During the seven days it was definitely the place to be. So let’s meet again in 2022!

The next Bauma will be held from April 4 to 10, 2022, at the Messe München Exhibition Center.

Jan van den Brandt and Pasi Joensuu happy after successful Bauma-week.

BIM’s advocates in Barcelona

European BIM Summit – the annual international conference on Building Information Modeling (BIM), is held for the fifth time in Barcelona ( 11-12 of April). The conference has become the most advanced reference meeting on construction digitalization in Europe. The event started with a gala dinner at Roca Gallery that was organized by the Col·legi d’Aparelladors de Barcelona (CAATEEB), BIM Academy and buildingSMART.

Coordinator for buildingSmart in Finland Anna-Riitta Kallinen (in red) cheks in dinner at Roca Gallery in Barcelona (Photo: Marc Escola)
General Secretary Ferran Falcó opens the evening at Roca Gallery (Photo: Marc Escola)
President of CAATEEB Jordi Gosalves from European BIM Summit (Photo Marc Escola)
Pasi Joensuu, Linda Hakala, Annabella Polo – Advisor from Business Finland, Jenni Piela and Marja-Liisa Ketola (Photo:Marc Escola)

Massimo Rubino (in the middle) has an active role in advancing the use of BIM in Spain, especially in Catalonia. He is one of the organizers of  the European BIM Summit and also works with BIMtour. BIMtour has held 15 sessions with more than 900 professionals in Spain from November to March in 2019. The sessions will show to the the professionals involved and the attending institutions how the BIM implementation will provide to their project and process higher productivity and efficiency. The purpose of the tour is to help people and companies to keep up with digitalization in construction industry. The gap between companies using the new technologies and companies using traditional methods is expanding. Read more about the European BIM Summit here, and BIMtour (in Spanish) here.

Pasi Joensuu from Infrakit, Massimo Rubino, Executive Director, BIM Academy and Marja-Liisa Ketola, Partner at Inseltrade

Marja-Liisa Ketola from Inseltrade has started to work with Infrakit in Spain. She has started with a market survey on trends and mobile connectivity focusing on motorways, railways, ports and airports. Ketola is actively looking for potential customers in Spain.

Petteri Palviainen, BIM Development Manager from Novatron got involved with BIM Summit Barcelona through InfraBIM Open event in Tampere. Here in Barcelona he explained to the international audience the Finnish way of using BIM (FINBIM) in infrastructure. As a case example Palviainen told about the tramway project in the city of Tampere. The new 23 km tramway is built by a tramway alliance which consist of the client i.e. Tampere city and the service providers, i.e. NCR Group Oy, YIT Construction Services and Pöyry Finland Oy. Infrakit is used in the project as a platform for managing machine control models and as-built information as well as digital handover material.

Petteri Palviainen talking about the Tampere tramway project and the Finnish way of BIM
An important game was shown at the gala dinner, only in Spain!

The founder and CEO of European BIM Summit, Ingasi Pérez Arnal promised:  “Next year one third of the event will be dedicated for infrastructure”. We look forward to it!

First days of Bauma 2019!

Infrakit is finally at Bauma! It is great to be here. The second day has started off busy and it has been nice to meet many familiar and new faces!  3700 exhibitors come from 63 countries and regions.

Our International Business Developer Jan van den Brandt meets with Ulrike Nohlen from MTS.

Our General Manager of Netherlands Tiny Nuiten explaining the benefits of open BIM.

Our staff on Tuesday: Jero Juujärvi, Linda Hakala, Tiny Nuiten, Jenni Piela, Jan van der Brandt, Hannele Zilm-Schulz and Pasi Joensuu

Vice President of International Sales, Pasi Joensuu introducing Infrakit’s functionalities