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Read about the infrastructure industry, our new projects and Infrakit version updates.

New thesis on Model-Based Quality Assurance by Jonne Ruopsa

“The purpose of this thesis was to describe the quality assurance of the aerial construction site and to develop the quality assurance and the follow up sys- tems of the site. The purpose of this thesis was also to develop improvements to make quality assurance easier and to develop new features for the Infrakit software.

The source material consisted of literature on the topic such as thesis, manuals and the Common InfraBIM Requirements 2015. The demonstration of the In- frakit software was based on the author’s knowledge and experience.

The thesis gives an overall view on the model-based quality assurance of the aerial construction site, machine control systems and the basis of machine con- trol. The thesis also clarified the features of the Infrakit software and its benefits for the quality assurance of the aerial construction site. Digitalization has also helped to coordinate the quality assurance and to follow up of the site activities. The improvement suggestions for the Infrakit software were discussed in the conclusion.”


Read more in Finnish here. 

Meet us at InterGEO in Frankfurt!

Infrakit is going to participate again at the InterGEO trade fair that is held in Frankfurt this year. Land surveying companies will gather in the trade fair center of Frankfurt on 16th – 18th of October where they will be showcasing the newest software, methods and tools in the field. You will find us in the exhibition hall 12, section 12.0C.002. You’re welcome to meet us!

You can also book a meeting with us in advance by sending e-mail to or by calling to  + 358 40 8380644.


The benefits of using Infrakit in euros

In this blog post I will present a simple calculation of concrete savings resulting from the surveying properties of Infrakit using an example project.

Infrakit increases the efficiency of surveying and data management of the construction site significantly. Below are presented three concrete ways how Infrakit can be utilized, which have proven to be effective on construction sites of Destia, Skanska and YIT. As the example project I chose a fictive 80 million euro road construction project. The duration is 3 years.

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We are extremely happy to say that INTERMAT Paris was absolutely amazing for us. Thank you for everyone who came by our stand and attended to our workshops and talks. It was great meeting you all, and we hope to see you soon in the near future!

Below you can see some pictures from the first few days of INTERMAT. The atmosphere at the fair was absolutely great and it is amazing that we could be a part of it.

We are looking forward to our next event Vei & Anlegg in Norway during 2.-6.5. and hope to see many of you there!

Infrakit presentations and workshops at Intermat Paris

Intermat is the International exhibition for construction and infrastructure that will take place from 23 to 28 of April 2018 at Paris Nord Villepinte, France. Intermat hosts 183,000 visitors and 1,500 exhibitors presenting an offer of equipment, materials and solutions for civil engineering and structural building works.

During the Intermat week, Infrakit will be giving presentations and workshops about the infraBIM, sharing the best practises in use already in Finland and Scandinavia and proposing ready solutions for all constructions companies and infra project owner to digitalize their project and enjoy all the benefits from the model-based construction. Our presentations will be as follows on the Building Smart Village in Hall 6:

  • Monday 23.04, 15h    Infrakit Workshop “infraBIM et chantier connecté” (20-25 min)
  • Tuesday 24.04,14h    Infrakit Conférence  “Infrakit, infraBIM and best practises from referenced projects” (55 min)
  • Thursday 26.04,15h   Infrakit Workshop “infraBIM et chantier connecté” (20-25 min)
  • Friday 27.04, 10h       Infrakit Workshop “infraBIM et chantier connecté” (20-25 min)


During Intermat, Infrakit will be represented by Sebastien Cailliau, Jan Van den Brandt, Pasi Joensuu as well as Teemu Kivimäki, serving therefore the prospects and customers in a variety of languages from French, English, German, Dutch, Finnish and Swedish!

In the event you would need a free invitation to attend Intermat, feel free to contact Sebastien Cailliau ( to get a pass and arrange a meeting during the fair!

You can find Infrakit othe Building Smart Village! Our stand number is 6 J 042. 

Intermat is the International exhibition for construction and infrastructure

INTERMAT 23.-28.4.2018

INTERMAT is the International exhibition for construction and infrastructure that will take place from 23 to 28 of April 2018 at Paris Nord Villepinte, France. INTERMAT hosts 183,000 visitors and 1,500 exhibitors presenting an offer of equipment, materials and solutions for civil engineering and structural building works.

You can find Infrakit in Building Smart Village! Our stand number is 6 J 042. We really hope to see you there. Feel free to contact Sebastien Cailliau ( so we can arrange a meeting during the fair!

New from the Benelux office!

Infrakit B.V. has a new office! We have moved to Wiltonstraat 36-40, 3905 KW Veenendaal. The relocations was necessary to support further expansion plans we have for Infrakit in the Benelux. Customer base is growing in Netherlands and also expansion into Belgium will take place. This required better and more office space as well.

We also want to take the opportunity to introduce one of our dealers to you. Infrakit has appointed DIS Digital Infra Solutions as dealer and support organisation. DIS will sell Infrakit and has all the knowledge to give support on all machine control systems. They also will setup training for Infrakit and can help you with other related issues you might have in the process towards your digital worksite. You can find all necessary information on their website:

Infrakit is The Open InfraBIM cloud service. So if you are in a need of good BIM tools for your infra project, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Open means that Infrakit uses open formats, like LandXML, DWG and DXF and we are open to all other cloud services like for example the different clouds of Trimble, Leica, Topcon, Moba, etc. We also are open to other software you already use, because we can connect Infrakit to these other software applications you have in use in your company. Please contact us if you need more information about that.


New Update! Version 3.3.1-4

Version Update 3.3.1-4

Hey everyone!

We just got another update to Infrakit! To make your work in the field or at your comfortable office easier and faster, we added image search by user or by title. Now you can find all images from pipes or the pipe by writing it’s name on a seach box!

We also had a great amount of work done to logpoints. For us, it is important to keep it easy to use, while still capturing all possible information for the later date to be checked or used. Some of these features that make logpoints .pdf more clear and easier to read as well as now having much nicer flow to add new logpoints to the map.

Full list of features added to Infrakit below:


  • [IN-632] – Admin project page: project users list is sometimes empty
  • [IN-638] – GetUserState database query crashes if project==null or user==null
  • [IN-639] – API ajax_user_activity.json should use ISO 8601 dates
  • [IN-642] – Use latest alignment model version in cross_section.png
  • [IN-643] – Save Image description to comment exif tag instead of description exif tag
  • [IN-644] – Image position fails to read if image doesn’t contain xmp metadata
  • [IN-649] – Project invites might get rejected when saving user
  • [IN-653] – Fix Novatron logpoint reference model matching when model name contains åäö
  • [IN-654] – When creating a new organization, the selected organization roles are not saved


  • [IN-591] – Map page, Images Tab – Add filter by user, and text filter by title/description
  • [IN-627] – In logpoints .pdf generation, add average errors separately for under and over tolerance points..
  • [IN-637] – Add pointName to new logpoint request parameters
  • [IN-655] – For new organizations, have Leica, Trimble and Topcon integrations as well as 3D visualization tabs activated by default..
  • [IN-658] – Improve project center point calculation

Infrakit Release 3.3.1

Hi everyone,

In new version update we added more security requirements to keep account and data safe, made user invitations easier and created infrakit smart to detect 360 panorama images.

Read full list of changes below:


  • [IN-519] – Map page – In Safari, map is not using all available screen space
  • [IN-610] – Cross section measurements vanish when scrolling or zooming the cross section
  • [IN-614] – As-built .pdf report creation can fail
  • [IN-616] – As-built approval status colors do not work
  • [IN-617] – As-built points from Field app lose precision if coordinate conversion fails
  • [IN-619] – Map page – Share state – copy to clipboard doesn’t work in Chrome 61+
  • [IN-621] – Default new organization parent should be the user’s organization
  • [IN-626] – Fix sending coordinate system offset to Field app


  • [IN-566] – New passwords should be minimum 8 characters long – Admin edit user and User setting pages
  • [IN-567] – Creating new users – option to create random password + send via email to user
  • [IN-592] – Add user invitation role column on project page
  • [IN-618] – Add ConX ICON-FIELD support
  • [IN-620] – Images – Read XMP metadata from uploaded image to detect 360 panoramas

Ease of Use Update – Infrakit 3.3.0

Hello everyone!

I am excited to tell you that new updates came to Infrakit! We got a big load of new features to make your user experience more convenient and easier.

In version 3.3.0, Admins get much greater access to edit projects, they can see clearly who has access to the project and can add/remove members having access to it. These features are very useful when you have periods for competing best contractors for the project or having end checkup before moving them into your archive. We don’t want files changing or being removed during these processes.

We also added more value for project managers to allow foremen to explore file tab and read files freely, without changing them and allowing admins to search vehicles by machine ID. We want you to have great control of what is happening in your projects while making it easy and fast for you to find required information to make the best decisions in seconds.

Also to improve the quality checking, we made a very clean and clear log points panel tree view to get instant indications for progress and results. Also you can create log point PDF reports for all of the paper loving people.

Connecting offline and online always brings challenges, but Infrakit makes it easier and more comfortable and communication clearer. We look forward to taking infra construction into next level!

Below you can find the full list of new features in this big update:

  • Infrakit Office – change role Foreman to include Files tab but with with read only mode
  • Map / files page – Link GT file to a document from files page, display popup with document when clicking point on map
  • Read-only role for files page
  • Direct link to file
  • Draw line models in 3D visualization page
  • Files page sort by file type
  • Admin pages – Edit project – list users who have access to project
  • Maps page – Update image counts in folders when modifying the date filter
  • Add separate icon for vehicle type simulator
  • Database structure optimizations
  • Throw Exception if coordinate conversion fails
  • Images page – Add new image uploader (that map page has)
  • Map page – Add option to select/load all logpoints with one click, and warning if trying to load too much
  • Read LandXml PlanFeature elements
  • Map page – Alignment annotation with stationing on map
  • Photo export – Add exif description field to JPEG export and import
  • Admin page search vehicles should also search by machine id
  • Add role offerer who has read-only access to designs and no access to asbuilts or vehicles
  • Admin pages – Edit project – Include button to add/remove project’s users
  • Save vehicle efficiency history
  • Logpoints panel tree view.. Show logpoint counts for models the same way as they are shown for folders.
  • Files page – Possibility to move folders to the root
  • Logpoints .pdf report generation
  • 3D module – make user able to set height offset that affect all models
  • Show stringline surface name in cross section
  • Visualization page not rendering well when browser/display zoom is different than 100%
  • Add super users the possibility to hide projects from organization admins
  • Remove old maps page
  • Read header values when parsing csv files
  • Add local (x,y) offset to coordinate system
  • Use LandXml boundaries instead of recalculating the boundaries again
  • On Files Page: Show the application used to create LandXML file
  • Coordinate conversion test should work with the currently selected coordinate system instead of the one that the project is using