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Read about the infrastructure industry, our new projects and Infrakit version updates.

Release Notes: Infrakit Version 3.2.1

Infrakit Office cross section pan & zoom is now live. Also bugs fixed.


  • [IN-276] – New maps page – Free cross section tool should always be available
  • [IN-292] – Integration logins sometimes not visible in the admin edit project page
  • [IN-298] – Free cross section draw view is limited by the station location in y-direction sometimes resulting in an empty cross section canvas.
  • [IN-300] – Cross section screen models, logpoints and pipes check boxes are not saved properly
  • [IN-301] – Web cross section logpoint checkboxes are horizontally miss aligned with mouse click
  • [IN-318] – When opening cross section graph, pan graphs in y-direction so that alignment/station is always visible.
  • [IN-320] – Approval edit does not work
  • [IN-321] – Project code list not initialized on map initialize
  • [IN-322] – Fix Icon Telematics logpoint reference model matching


  • [IN-242] – Web cross section pan & zoom
  • [IN-256] – Cross section show/hide pipes
  • [IN-284] – Remove alignment id requirement from free cross section
  • [IN-312] – Change cross section graphs canvas size to scale with the window size.
  • [IN-313] – Add model’s file name to graphs, pipes and logpoints hower tool tips in cross section view


Previous release notes: Version 3.2.0 & new map page

New Infrakit map page – Infrakit version 3.2.0 live!

Last night (20.3.), Infrakit was updated to version 3.2.0.

In this update, we have completely reworked the main map page based on your feedback. Old map page is still available if you need it, but we are confident that the new and improved page will be a lot more versatile and easy to use for your needs. New features include, for example, improved management of photos and as-built points directly on the map page, among numerous others. Also some bug fixes and other features were done. You can find the complete list of changes below.

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What’s happening at our Serbian office?

Activities in Serbia

Developers from Serbia had a noticeable part in building the Infrakit brand since the early beginnings of the company. We will fill this blog post with a triptych of subjects regarding our Belgrade office.


Marketing and educational activities in Serbia took their peak in the year of 2016. The Finnish embassy was kind enough to let us make use of the residence space to gather the creme of the Serbian civil engineering community. Invitations were sent out and in our attendance we had ministers of the state, representatives of the domestic and foreign construction companies, surveyors, members of the chamber of engineers, academics. The topic was presentation of the future technologies in the Civil Engineering, which, as you know, Infrakit is a forerunner in. We wish to thank His Excellency Mr. Pertti Ikonen and his team one more time, and also Mr. Nenad Tepavac who was our sales manager in that period. Read about the event from here.

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How does the Dutch market look like?

As mentioned before DCS Finland Oy has founded new companies in Norway and in the Netherlands. During the last 2 years we have seen that the market for the Infrakit Cloud in both countries is waiting for this solution.

Fun fact: With 139,000 km of public roads, the Netherlands has one of the most dense road networks in the world – much denser than Germany and France, but still not as dense as Belgium. Dutch roads include at least 3,530 km of motorways and expressways, and with a motorway density of 64 kilometres per 1,000 km², the country also has one of the densest motorway networks in the world. (Source: Wikipedia)

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2016 – What an eventful year for Infrakit

Only thinking about last year makes me a little dizzy. We organized so many of our own events and participated into even more! I thought it would be nice to take a trip down the 2016 memory lane by going through some of those events.

Infrakit Day Helsinki

This is the main event for us where we invite our customers; Infrakit super users and beginners, industry influencers, and our partners etc. The main purpose for Infrakit Day is to bring guests from all sectors of infrastructure industry together — project owners, designers, contractors, surveying and GPS equipment manufacturers. And the purpose came through, when at the event our guests were exactly that – a great mix of all.

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PRESS RELEASE: Infrakit subsidiaries founded in Norway and the Netherlands

This month, Infrakit subsidiary companies are founded in Norway and Netherlands. The new companies, Infrakit AS and Infrakit BV, are founded to handle Infrakit business in their respective regions. Managing directors are Anders Tiltnes (Infrakit AS, Norway) and Jan van den Brandt (Infrakit BV, Netherlands). Best of luck for both gentlemen in their new roles!

Founding of Infrakit AS (Left: Anders Tiltnes, Managing director Infrakit AS, right: Teemu Kivimäki CEO and Founder DCS Finland Ltd)
Founding of Infrakit AS (Left: Anders Tiltnes, Managing director Infrakit AS, right: Teemu Kivimäki CEO and Founder DCS Finland Ltd)


Infrakit logo





Infrakit Cloud is expanding globally. In January 2017 Infrakit (=DCS Finland Ltd) has founded subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Norway. Infrakit’s official reseller network now reaches Japan.

A Finnish start-up Infrakit, a high-technology cloud platform, allows real-time project management and quality assurance for all parties in infrastructure construction projects.

Infrakit users have access to up-to-date project progress information throughout all construction phases, which reduces mistakes and delays considerably.

In Finland, the biggest infra-construction companies and more than a dozen municipalities are using Infrakit on their projects around the country. The company has had various pilot projects and reselling contracts in the Netherlands and Sweden for a couple of years. Norwegian sales were launched in 2016.

In January of 2017 Infrakit founded subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Norway to advance local sales and enable active customer service and support.

The company says to significantly invest in their global reselling network in 2017. In addition to the existing Finnish, Swedish and Dutch resellers they now have an official reseller also in Japan.

Global negotiations are under construction with many other companies in the field of infrastructure and surveying.

For more information:
Infrakit’s International Sales Manager Pasi Joensuu
mobile & email: +358 44 768 4424,


LinkedIn: Infrakit
Twitter: Infrakit

6 principles for infra-collaboration

The future is exponential
For the first time in human history we live in an exponential world. Moore’s Law, which say that every 1-2 years the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits doubles, creates an exponential development for anything digital. Up until recently humans have lived in a linear world. Linearity is predictable and understandable, and most of our systems are developed around a sort of linear change.



How does this exponential world affect the infrastructure industry?
Well, at least it will not be predictable. Development will happen at a higher pace and new methods will be available that will transform the way we work.

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GUEST POST: Turning Point of Digital Infra-Construction

Turning Point of Digital Infrastructure Construction
(Written by Iiro Villman)

Summer, the high season of infra-construction business, is here and news about busy offer calculations and great amounts of projects offers can be heard from all over Finland. The most intense period of the whole year is on-going, but this time maybe even more actively than before. “If this is recession, hopefully it would last even longer”, a sentence heard from one contractor. This indicates that even winter wasn’t too bad for the infra-construction industry. Is the positive news stemming from the contractors, who have been keeping the offers low and – in this way – gotten themselves a lot more work with a smaller salary, or from the fact that they have some competitive advantage over other contractors?


Digitization as an competetice edge: tangible benefits are seen in cost-efficiency
Digitization as an competetice edge: tangible benefits are seen in cost-efficiency


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Infrakit Truck App Now Available!

The Truck App is at Work!

Truck App login

Infrakit has a very useful new product called the Truck Tracking App. The app is used for tracking of trucks and their loads and taking the paperwork out of the truck driver’s hands. The Truck App works on any Android device and, of course, in combination with the Infrakit server.

The App is now working in Finland and in the Netherlands in different projects and has proven to be very useful. Truck drivers like the fact that they have no paperwork anymore and project managers have all information available in real-time.

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