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Category: Release Notes

Release Notes – Version 3.2.2-6

Release Notes – Infrakit Office – Version 3.2.2-6 Bug [IN-383] – MachinePage->Calibration tab: not possible to add decimals [IN-385] – long section alignment line is calculated from break lines resulting in an inaccurate alignment graph [IN-387] – After deleting logpoints, the logpoints list is not automatically refreshed. The list refreshes and logpoints disappear only after […]

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Release Notes – Version 3.2.2-4 & Version 3.2.2-5

Release Notes – Version 3.2.2-5 Bug [IN-388] – Admin Organizations page list headers are in wrong order [IN-389] – sometimes uses Infrakit Office active project [IN-391] – Separate files can have same versionGroup if multiple people upload files at same time Release Notes – Version 3.2.2-4 Bug [IN-354] – DWG to DXF converter might […]

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