On infra-construction sites project progress information can take a long time until it reaches you. It’s a massive problem and it leads to machinery standstills, lots of waiting around, even very expensive errors - and going over schedules. Most of the time you don’t know what is going on the project until weeks, or months, later.



Infrakit connects all onto one cloud platform

Infrakit is a cloud service for infra-project management. All information throughout the project life cycle is shared in real-time with all relevant people. This ensures faster project completion with better quality and with lower costs.

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Cloud service

You only need internet access and a browser to use Infrakit, so no software installations. Infrakit cloud connection uses state of the art security and all data is stored on secured servers (ISO 27001 IT security certificate).

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anywhere, anytime, any device

Infrakit OFFICE™

Use Infrakit on your PC and you are not tied to time or place when monitoring the entirety of your project.

View project progress, manage quality control and have a live view on your machine-controlled excavators and as-built points being gathered.

Infrakit ensures designers, project directors, site managers and machine operators all have the same up-to-date information
– always

Infrakit FIELD™

Use our Infrakit App (or the mobile version of the internet application) to take all project data – from initial data to as-builts – with you when making site visits.

Infrakit’s GIS features allow users to be placed on the project map so that they know exactly where they are on the design model.

Take geo-referenced photos anywhere on the project. Infrakit ties them to the right coordinates automatically.

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How does this sound? Give me a call or email me and I’ll help you to start digitalizing your project!

Pasi Joensuu
Vice President, Business Development

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Germany, UK, Ireland:

Jan van den Brandt
Business Development Manager

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Still need to know HOW you can do it with Infrakit?

1. Upload 3D designs into Infrakit

Upload your project’s open-format infraBIM designs into Infrakit.

2. Share project data on Infrakit OFFICE™

Share infra-project progress information with all relevant project staff on Infrakit OFFICE™.

3. Integrate all work machinery with LINK™

Use Infrakit LINK™ to seamlessly integrate all your work machinery and equipment with Infrakit cloud platform.

4. Take project data with you on Infrakit

Infrakit FIELD™ allows you to take all data with you on site visits and take geo-referenced photos.

5. Manage constantly updating models

View, manage and validate as-built points as the project progresses & make informed decisions.

6. Store documentation to be used later

Store documents, intelligent project data and photos for digital handover documentation to be used in maintenance.

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