BASIC product is perfect way to start your journey towards digital infra construction. PRO offers extra value on top of BASIC when work is carried out based on 3D modeling and Grade Control.


80 EUR/month/user

  • Visual Information management (models, docs, photos)
  • 2D Map and Orthophotos
  • Fleet & Worker position
  • PDF templates (e.g. Safety, Risks)
  • 3D Viewer
  • Issue tracking
  • Cross and long sections


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  • All BASIC features and:
  • Surveying As-built reporting on cross sections, map and 3D view
  • As-built management
  • Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Volumes
  • Schedule

Special products


Infrakit TRUCK transforms freight reports from paper to Cloud. This enables mass haul monitoring of project and faster billing cycles.


Infrakit SURVEY is online surveying app for Android platform. All bluetooth enabled smart antennas with NMEA output supported.


Infrakit offers consultancy services for companies who want to increase their abilities for digital processes. Our experts have strong background in fields of Design, BIM coordination, Automation and Construction Management on large construction projects.

Infrakit BASIC

Information management in your pocket

  • Find all project data easily with spatial reference. The map view is augmented with drawings, models and orthomaps*
  • Take photos and fill PDF templates with FIELD™ App for efficient issue, safety and quality management
  • Web browser-based 3D collaboration model and section tools enable high quality designs
  • Transparency leads to improvements in quality, cost and lead time of project

* for Drone image processing, additional Infrakit Drone extension is required

Infrakit PRO

Tools for model-based construction

  • Infrakit connects teams with mobile devices, surveying equipment and multi-vendor machine control fleets.
  • Infrakit updates the as-planned models for field team and incorporates as-built data for real-time progress and quality monitoring.
  • Machine usage data and truck haul monitoring, together with volume and schedule tracking ensures state of art situational awareness of site.