Infrakit Julkaisu 3.3.1

Terve kaikki,

Uudessa 3.3.1 vesiossa lisäsimme turva-vaatimuksia, jotta käyttäjien tunnukset ja projektien tiedot pysyvät turvassa, teimme käyttäjien kutsumen helpommaksi ja infrakitin vieläkin viisammaaksi huomaamaan jos 360* panorama kuvia tuodaan infrakittiin.

Alla koko lista muutoksista:


  • [IN-519] – Map page – In Safari, map is not using all available screen space
  • [IN-610] – Cross section measurements vanish when scrolling or zooming the cross section
  • [IN-614] – As-built .pdf report creation can fail
  • [IN-616] – As-built approval status colors do not work
  • [IN-617] – As-built points from Field app lose precision if coordinate conversion fails
  • [IN-619] – Map page – Share state – copy to clipboard doesn’t work in Chrome 61+
  • [IN-621] – Default new organization parent should be the user’s organization
  • [IN-626] – Fix sending coordinate system offset to Field app


  • [IN-566] – New passwords should be minimum 8 characters long – Admin edit user and User setting pages
  • [IN-567] – Creating new users – option to create random password + send via email to user
  • [IN-592] – Add user invitation role column on project page
  • [IN-618] – Add ConX ICON-FIELD support
  • [IN-620] – Images – Read XMP metadata from uploaded image to detect 360 panoramas