Release Notes: Infrakit Version 3.2.1 (Engelsk)

Release Notes: Infrakit Version 3.2.1 (Engelsk)

Infrakit Office cross section pan & zoom is now live. Also bugs fixed.


  • [IN-276] – New maps page – Free cross section tool should always be available
  • [IN-292] – Integration logins sometimes not visible in the admin edit project page
  • [IN-298] – Free cross section draw view is limited by the station location in y-direction sometimes resulting in an empty cross section canvas.
  • [IN-300] – Cross section screen models, logpoints and pipes check boxes are not saved properly
  • [IN-301] – Web cross section logpoint checkboxes are horizontally miss aligned with mouse click
  • [IN-318] – When opening cross section graph, pan graphs in y-direction so that alignment/station is always visible.
  • [IN-320] – Approval edit does not work
  • [IN-321] – Project code list not initialized on map initialize
  • [IN-322] – Fix Icon Telematics logpoint reference model matching


  • [IN-242] – Web cross section pan & zoom
  • [IN-256] – Cross section show/hide pipes
  • [IN-284] – Remove alignment id requirement from free cross section
  • [IN-312] – Change cross section graphs canvas size to scale with the window size.
  • [IN-313] – Add model’s file name to graphs, pipes and logpoints hower tool tips in cross section view


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