Infrakit Enables Cost Savings and Better Machine Efficiency for Contractors in Infra Projects

In our previous blog we talked about providing overall control over projects. Contactors need access to all project information to fulfil the requirements of project owners, which is where Infrakit can help. Infrakit transforms your projects into more controlled processes enabling a more harmonized way of working.

In this article we’ll dive into how contractors can achieve cost savings and better efficiency through Infrakit.

A common issue for contractors is staying within the budget and schedule, while fulfilling the project owner’s requirements. Infrakit ensures that all project parties are working with the latest plans and schedule to avoid waste of resources and expensive errors, while enabling you to invoice for all additional work.

Infrakit offers cost savings in the total project costs

Because of the continuous documentation for project progress, quality control and handover materials, you can easily keep track of what’s being done at your worksite and make sure that your subcontractors work efficiently. This ensures that they do the right things, keep the planned schedule and quality without overcharging you.

Machine usage data and truck haul monitoring, together with volume and schedule tracking, can boost jobsite and heavy machinery efficiency from 50% up to 90%.

“We wanted to have all the machine control in one place. The same applied to photos, models and the updating of new versions. Before, we used several programs with different portals. This meant that we had to post models several times. On Infrakit they are collected. In a turnkey contract like this, there are many models and updates. Instead of going through five different portals, it now sticks with one. Overall, this provides much more efficient machine control.”

Eirik Frimannslund on case: PEAB building E6 Moelvkrysset (in English)

Damyanti Rathore
May 25, 2021

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